Let me prove Why Forests are Awesome

Happy International Day of Forests
21st March 2018

Let’s admit it. Forests are just cool. They were here from dinosaur ages(and earlier) to the current day. The basic lifeline of the humans and …wait… only humans? Nooo… Its the lifeline of the whole life found on the earth! Funny how that it is right? Let it sink in.

So what does a forest do? Basically just sit around or shake a bit to the winds and breezes. Other than that, they take in some CO2 and leave some O2. Lets others use the same O2 for breathing. That’s all actually. Big deal right? RIGHT!

But wait. What if I say that they have many more tricks up its canopy?!

1. They are responsible for the rain.

Rain on leaves
Yes. Believe me when I say this. Seriously.

2.They tightly hold on to the soil and prevent erosions.

Rain holding soil
Why do you think there is no duststorm in a nicely populated area by trees?

3. City dwellers out there – many forests around the world cut noises.

Trees reducing noise
Well, you don’t want to listen your neighboring country chatting at the same time.

4. They help to control the temperature.

Trees control temparature
Leave the busy city and just go to the countryside right now. Experience the pleasant temperature drop?
Good. Now leave for some forest and look what it can collectively do.

5. They are one of the best Flood control system!

Tree control flooding
Of course, this free flood control system is not going to work for your concrete city. But it does exceptionally well by holding river water and prevents it jolting downstream to the next town.

6. Habitat to many ways of lives. Big, small, thin, fat, black or white

Panda on a tree
Trees in the forest just don’t fool around with themselves – but they give a nice company to mammals, insects, birds and every type of fauna you know.

7. They stand by everyone’s life by providing many medicinal values.

Medecinal plant
Not just for the selfish human, but also for other species on this planet Earth

8. They help us make and own things

Wooden Bench
Forests are so generous in giving us to humans, that we humans get a lot of them. Everything from wood to food. But human needs to know when to stop. Dont they?

Go out, spread the word! Today is the International Day of Forests!
Bless the forests. Peace.