A bean. A simple Kidney bean, the poor man’s meat. Who knew that a plants growth from a small seed can be so dramatic!Watch this video made by an interesting YouTuber – gphase; where a kidney bean is

Rough red desert on all your sides. Breeze whistling from all the planes around you. You see native Indians hanging around on horses. You see caves, funnily shaped mountains and scattered cacti veget

The stunning mountain on the side and the bluish shoreline is the first eye-grabber of the Cape Town! As they say, it’s always more than what meets the eye, Cape Town has stunning landscapes other th

It seems like you do find Koalas randomly in your front yard. Native to Australia, these furry creatures are long lost relatives of the Wombats. Eh, what? Yes, Wombats. You won’t find these sedentary

Waterfalls are natural and each and every one of them is as mesmerizing as the other. But, some of them stand out. Have a look at the worlds highest waterfall - The Angel Falls from Venezuela! The co

Happy International Day of Forests21st March 2018 Let’s admit it. Forests are just cool. They were here from dinosaur ages(and earlier) to the current day. The basic lifeline of the humans and …wait

A calm weekend with serene views and sun setting in the horizon, who doesn’t like a good glass of wine? Here are top wineries you can find in the US. There are many more, that we havne’t covered in th

Ah! Brazil! The land of serene beaches and the home for Amazon River! With tons of tourist attractions like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, or the fantastic beaches of Pernambuco and oh, how I can forget

Yes, its all over the internet as its one of the highlights of early 2018! Tomorrow, we earth dwellers will experience another not-so-rare but rare natural phenomenon! The Lunar Eclipse of our very o

The Emerald Ash Borer also known as Agrilus planipennis is a jewel beetle. Jewel beetles are known for their vibrant metallic colors. The Emerald Ash Borer has a glossy olive green color. Jewel Beetl

Pebbles are small fragments of rocks which go round when they are exposed to prolonged forces of water. The tide of the sea or the flowing water of the rivers can cause the roundening and smoothening

The Lammergeier or popularly known as Bearded Vulture or Ossifrage is one of the most powerful bird of prey. With a whopping wingspan of 7 to 9 feet(2.31 - 2.83 m) they sore high around 3000 feet

The freshness of the Hibiscus is dazzled with striking colors. With not much of a flowery fragrance, the colors attract the eyes of every human which passes by. Not just humans, but many hummingb

It has a sweet/citric flavor. It also has traveled all over Asia to Europe to America. And it has the same name as its color! Yes! Orange it is!Orange is a juicy powerhouse of Vitamin C. As a direct

Rudolph with your nose so bright, guide the sleigh on Christmas night. Bright and merry with all your cheer, lets know that Christmas is here…-Source Unknown Santa and his Reindeers are famous for

When you start hearing the holiday carols, smell the hot cocoa and feel the chill in the air, see the trees shedding leaves like never before that’s when you know the winter has come… some people ten

It was around some odd 100 years ago, Kamchatka was discovered by people and fell in love instantly! Located in Far East Russia, this place is now a well-known tourist spot for people who love hikin

Its my childhood habit of observing night sky for hours. Just like any kid, it fascinates and makes me wonder what is up there? Back then, I used to go on the hills in my town at night and like a noct