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A bean. A simple Kidney bean, the poor man’s meat. Who knew that a plants growth from a small seed can be so dramatic!Watch this video made by an interesting YouTuber – gphase; where a kidney bean is

Happy International Day of Forests21st March 2018 Let’s admit it. Forests are just cool. They were here from dinosaur ages(and earlier) to the current day. The basic lifeline of the humans and …wait

The freshness of the Hibiscus is dazzled with striking colors. With not much of a flowery fragrance, the colors attract the eyes of every human which passes by. Not just humans, but many hummingb

It has a sweet/citric flavor. It also has traveled all over Asia to Europe to America. And it has the same name as its color! Yes! Orange it is!Orange is a juicy powerhouse of Vitamin C. As a direct

Millions of blooming flowers in the daylight and accompanied with some serene lights at the night time, you can have a visual treat for eyes in some big gardens around the world. Tulips, Daffodils, Co

Last week one of my friends moved into a house which has a huge backyard. The kitchen windows overseed the pathway and the ‘almost’ dead shrubs of bottlebrush in an otherwise empty garden with a handf

The nature is full of mysterious surprises. Where some surprises are good, some are bad or you can say dangerous. When you go roaming in nature you should enjoy it and also, be careful as no one can