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It seems like you do find Koalas randomly in your front yard. Native to Australia, these furry creatures are long lost relatives of the Wombats. Eh, what? Yes, Wombats. You won’t find these sedentary

The Emerald Ash Borer also known as Agrilus planipennis is a jewel beetle. Jewel beetles are known for their vibrant metallic colors. The Emerald Ash Borer has a glossy olive green color. Jewel Beetl

The Lammergeier or popularly known as Bearded Vulture or Ossifrage is one of the most powerful bird of prey. With a whopping wingspan of 7 to 9 feet(2.31 - 2.83 m) they sore high around 3000 feet

Rudolph with your nose so bright, guide the sleigh on Christmas night. Bright and merry with all your cheer, lets know that Christmas is here…-Source Unknown Santa and his Reindeers are famous for

It’s the 3:21 am on the clock and a calm night in the woods. Your deep sleep is suddenly disturbed to a scream. Partial awake, you ignore and close your eyes while you try going back to sleep. But, y

As you guys know, we are on twitter and we follow a wildlife photographer Richard Bowler from North Wales. He has captured some amazing pictures and today, we struck with one beautiful picture of Pink

The house martin is a bird from the swallow family and is found mostly in Europe, Africa and in Asian countries. Usually found in open fields and near human habitation, this bird has a unique way of

Shrike is the bird from Laniidae family, where the family name is derived from Latin word for “butcher”. Okay, let us not get into all technical stuff. To cut short in simple words, Shrike looks cut

In a Japanese city, this crow was unable to eat the nut as it has a hard shell. So he dropped it on the hard surface of the road which broke it. But it had fear of coming under the oncoming traffic

A Parasitic Plant is the one which feeds on other living organisms for there growth. They usually grow on trees and not in soil. They feed on tree nutrients and grow and make the host plant a weak o