Stunning Timelapse of a Bean growing into a Plant

A bean. A simple Kidney bean, the poor man’s meat. Who knew that a plants growth from a small seed can be so dramatic!
Watch this video made by an interesting YouTuber – gphase; where a kidney bean is planted neatly with glass walls.
Some water, nutrients, enough light and bam. A kidney bean can start its growth.
Thanks to tech, we are able to capture the whole 25-day process of growth in a few minutes.

Have a look at this video where the been first heads for nutrients in the soil and after enough hogging of food from the soil, it peeks the soil and heads up straight towards the light! No wonder those adorable leaves are dancing!

Amazing start, amazing progress. Do you realize, this little dude required 25 days to sprout and get this big?
Imagine the number of efforts a full grown tree requires in its lifetime.
Food for thought.