The scream of the fox

It’s the 3:21 am on the clock and a calm night in the woods. Your deep sleep is suddenly disturbed to a scream. Partial awake, you ignore and close your eyes while you try going back to sleep. But, you hear the same scream again and now it is terrifying. Few seconds pass by and you hear it again. It goes on for the whole night. Scared, you feel its some woman lost in the woods and is screaming for help. The whole night passes by leaving you in a frightened state.
Later, in the morning, after asking around, you find out that it was just a small red fox screaming on top of its lungs!

We all know foxes are smart, swift and cunning. Though they are not a threat to humans, it is natural that anyone would be scared of them thanks to these scary screams!
Foxes can also bark, but these screams are the sounds they make while they protect their territory from a rival male or while calling vixens for mating.
There are many police complaints received till today where people complained about a woman getting stabbed or murdered and is screaming for help. But then, it turns out to be a fox sitting in someone’s backyard.

Enjoy the scary screams of these bushy-tailed cunning little wild things.