Top 6 Uses of Orange Peels

It has a sweet/citric flavor. It also has traveled all over Asia to Europe to America. And it has the same name as its color! Yes! Orange it is!
Orange is a juicy powerhouse of Vitamin C. As a direct fruit or a glass full of juice, Orange is a perfect breakfast item for many people. With a strong cover, also known as Orange Peel, it is usually thrown away after eating. But, it is useful in many ways. Out of the many, here are top 6 use -

1. Make a Jam

The orange peel has a key ingrediant known as pectin. Pectin is a natural stabilizer for the jam

2. Face pack or a face mask

Orange peel absorbs the excess oils and hydrates the skin. A natural way to feel fresh. And the Vitamin C helps in fighting acne and keeping the skin more healthy.

3. Orange Zest

Grate the peel and use it for adding a zesty flavor to your food. You can try this with cookies or while grilling meat just to give it a small citric kick.

4. Tea of Orange peels

Whats better than a tea on a cold morning! For making this, you’ll need some chopped up and dry peels. Boil the water, add the peels, some cinnamon sticks for flavor, boil it, filter it and drink it.

5. Mosquito Repelent

Mosquitos and few other insects hate the citric smell. Rub the peel on your body or just keep it someplace where mosquitos are found the most. It will act as a natural repelent!

6. Potpourri

Orange peels give a decent and a subtle citric and lemony fragrance. You can make yourself one or buy one potpourri pack!

There are many more uses of these peels. All in a naturl way. If you know any, let us know!

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