Lammergeier the Bone Breaker

The Lammergeier or popularly known as Bearded Vulture or Ossifrage is one of the most powerful bird of prey. With a whopping wingspan of 7 to 9 feet(2.31 - 2.83 m) they sore high around 3000 feet(1000m) and keeps an eye for food.

Lammergeier is a close relative of the Egyptian Vulture. They are mostly found in the mountainous regions of Asia. They are the rulers of mountainous regions, cliffs, canyons and gorges.

The main diet consists of remains of the dead making this vulture a scavenger like other Vultures.
But, Lammergeiers relishes on bone marrow. More than 90% of his diet is bone marrow. To get to the bone marrow, the lammergeier hammers the bones to reach out to the marrow. If that does not works, this smart fellow takes the bone in his talons to height and drops it on rocks which break the bones or make them brittle and consumes the bone marrow!
A smart move by the bird which is also known as the bone breaker.

See the mighty Lammergeier in action

And another video by National Geographic

Have you been lucky enough to see this bird?

Image inputs from Wikipedia and Pixabay. Video inputs from Youtube and National Geographic.