Top 5 Uses of Pebbles for Home Decor

Pebbles are small fragments of rocks which go round when they are exposed to prolonged forces of water. The tide of the sea or the flowing water of the rivers can cause the roundening and smoothening of the surfaces small rocks which turns them into formation of pebbles.

Pebbles are smaller than cobbles somewhere near to 65 milimeters. As they are formed beacause of water, they can be found near waterbodies. These pebbles, depending on the parent fragments can have different colours.

Few of the earliest tools which man made for survival were of pebbles. Even today, he uses pebbles for many uses.

1. Paths/Walkways

If you are making it on your own, make a mosaic first, wash the pebbles clean and arrange the pebbles in the same way as the mosaic. I recommend using normal mortar mix instead of concrete.

2. Frames/Art

Photo frames are just few ideas to use these pebbles. Do try and find colorful pebbles for artwork

3. Flooring/Tiles

Pebble tiles can give a new texture to the floor. These can be used as is and preserve the texture or polish them for a smoother finish.

4. Garden Mulch

Pebble mulch works just like our normal mulch. Though, comparing to manure mulch, pebble mulch is not organically helpful. Pebble mulch suits well for indoor plants

5. Zen Garden

With gravel, pebbles give a good visual feel to the zen gardens. White pebbles influence the peace at the zen gardens

If you have some pebble decoration, share with us!

Images inputs from Pinterest & Pixabay.