Why Visit Kamchatka

It was around some odd 100 years ago, Kamchatka was discovered by people and fell in love instantly! Located in Far East Russia, this place is now a well-known tourist spot for people who love hiking and people who love nature!

This peninsular region has same temperatures as Alaska. Kamchatka boasts an abundant number of Brown bears, accompanied by Arctic Fox, the tundra wolf, East Siberian lynx, Eurasian otter Siberian least weasel and many more. They are also joined by all six species of salmons. Kamchatka has the world’s greatest diversity of salmon fishes in the world.

Being a tundra region, grass dominates the floral life here and the bugs with them. Though there are many deciduous and coniferous forest trees all over the peninsula, you get beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background and lustful blue skies on the top!

Kamchatka is also well known for its 160 volcanoes out of which around 30 are still active around the Kamchatka river. One of the highest volcanoes in the northern hemisphere can be found here. It goes by the name Klyuchevskaya Sopka and is regarded as one of the beautiful by many volcanologists.

This is an amazing documentary by Nat Geo! Its a must watch to know the overall wildlife in Kamchatka.

Now, after seeing this, if you are about to leave for this place, do add Valley of Geysers for hiking in this environment. The special attraction you ask? You get a helicopter ride as no car can reach over there! ;)

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